Author: Chuck Ingram


Curvy Roads Aren’t Too Efficient.

When I was a kid – every Sunday we would drive the 20 miles to my grandparents’ house. During the trip – My brother and I were always fighting a combination of car sickness and impatience in traffic as my dad took back roads. I remember my sick-faced brother rolling up the window long enough to ask why the roads were so curvy. My dad answered – “Well they probably just paved old cow paths. Eventually, they will straighten these roads out and make highways out of them.”

It’s actually a pretty good analogy for some of the mistakes that we see made on the technology front.



The Best of Intentions

With all the best of intentions – previously we’d have worked with IT teams to implement a brand-new piece of revenue technology. 3 months later – realize all that we’ve done is automate the process that was probably not optimized to start with.

If we get that far… We often work with IT to design presales solutions. We have automated emails, automated data entry, and automated Teams integration (you can fill in some more blanks). Sounds great to our IT friends. But…


A Different Perspective. The Chief Revenue Officer

In walks the CRO. The Chief Revenue Officer is thinking about one thing. Revenue growth. The CRO asks us about how we can help them –

  • Identify the right clients.
  • Align to their go-to-market strategy.
  • Have the right conversations at the right time.
  • Drive predictable revenue.


Leveraging the Language and Functions

CongruentX is helping by leveraging the language of revenue and revenue functions in describing the components of our AI Fueled Revenue solution. We are also building a set of over 150 features that will help revenue teams focus on the right alignment, the right data, the right clients, the right conversations, and the right metrics.

Our goal is to align our client’s entire Go To Market (GTM) team to help drive user adoption, enabling them to obtain the data they need and ensuring the seller doesn’t have to “do CRM,” all of which collectively fuel more revenue.


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