Training Central: Resource Alignment, Engagement and Development

congruentX is about aligning people, process and technology.  Your people are not just the most important element of your company but instrumental in the success of your investments in technology. When companies have technology that they don’t feel is working for them, it is often an opportunity to re-educate the team.  We’d love to talk to you about your team and how we can help.


CRM Product Training - Low or No Code Platforms

What We Offer

Product Training

Like most Microsoft Partners, we provide Administrative, Train the Trainer and/or End User training on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform but what we focus on isn’t the product functionality (Microsoft has that on their  MS Learn platform).  We’ve been working with the platform pretty much since inception so our “product training” is more best practices/lessons learned.

Coding for Non Developers Training

There is a rapidly growing focus on the low code no code initiative and the Power Platform allows people who have never learned proper “coding” practices how to code and while that can be very good, it can also be dangerous if they haven’t been taught what to do and what not do.   We can help.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) / User Adoption / Workforce Experience

The whole premise behind software is to help humans. You may have noticed from other areas of our site, we spend a lot of time focused on the human element of software and systems.  We’re big advocates of ensuring people understand why all this change is happening and not losing sight of the benefits of change vs “just doing the same thing differently”.

Team Profiling / Collaborating / Team Building

Getting you and your resources to better understand themselves, each other and your customers tends to result in better experiences and overall satisfaction.   We use a proven system to “profile” your team(s) and then educate with how they can work better together as well as with your customers.


Subscription Training Services

Over 80% of workers say training should be frequent and ongoing vs one and done and that was one of our primary reasons for creating our training subscription.  If you are fortunate enough to be one of our CXSuccess subscribers, you already have access to some of our training.  We conduct “what’s new” sessions around each upcoming Microsoft Product release as well as conduct periodic specific training depending on your level and types of subscription.  Not only do you benefit from our experts but this allows for networking opportunities with other customers with similar challenges or experiences.  If that isn’t enough, we offer tailored subscription training based on specific customer challenges/needs.

What People Are Saying

68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy. That’s according to ClearCompany. More and more employees place a premium on their skills and want to continue strengthening the ones they already have and gaining new ones. Companies who nurture that growth gain a competitive advantage.

Most employees don’t believe they are reaching their full potential. 74 percent to be exact according to The Learning Wave.  Companies have a real opportunity to harness the talent and potential gained by hiring new employees.

According to ClearCompany, 76 percent of employees are looking for career growth opportunities. These opportunities show clear investment by the company in the employees.  As a result, this translates into the employee wanting to work harder for the company and increases the desire for more learning in the future.

24% higher profit margins can be the result of companies who invest in training according to the Huffington Post. The benefit here comes from retention.  With a strong training program, fewer employees will leave which translates to a cost savings as it relates to the money lost in replacing employees.

40% of employees with poor training will leave the company within the first year according to go2HR. If an employee is dissatisfied and disengaged with the company, they won’t stay.  Professional growth through training will help keep them with your company rather than sending them to a competitor.

Speaking of engagement, Gallup says only 13 percent of employees worldwide are engaged. This is a low number.  Basically, it means the majority of workers are disengaged and will leave your company the minute a better job becomes available.

Rapt Media says more than $500 billion is lost every year due to employee disengagement. Disengaged employees don’t work as hard as those who are committed to your company.  They only do the bare minimum.  Engaging and investing with employees through training helps increase their engagement and lowers the potential risks for losing money.