Is Your Business Asking Questions Your CRM Can’t Answer?

Helping you get CRM right, achieve results with Low Code, and leverage AI to Fuel your Business in 30 Days without the big consulting project. 

Learn how to make tech at work feel like tech at home – so you can have the right conversations to grow. Guaranteed

Tools to Identify Problems and Make Better Decisions

With an effective CRM implementation strategy, your business will be positioned to make accurate judgements and predictions about revenue, growth, and performance. We can guide your business to at least 10X ROI on your CRM investment through a unique approach based on human-centered design thinking and accelerated adoption.

Benchmark how you are aligning your go-to-market strategy with your technology stack to establish how you are performing against competitors in your industry.

Leverage our proven frameworks and methods to transform your mission-critical priorities into measurable business results.

Strengthen customer relationships by providing marketing, sales, service, and IT with consolidated databases and automated processes that drive performance.

Where are you in the CRM and Power Platform Journey?

Problem Identification

Where do you want your business to be over the next one, three, and five years? What is in your way? Do you know how CRM technology can support your growth?

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Solution Procurement

There are many CRM platforms that can support your marketing, sales, and service functions. Do you know which tech stack maps best to your unique needs?

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CRM Implementation

Once you have selected a tech stack to use, do you have a detailed plan for how you will implement it? Do you have a CRM implementation timeline? Do you know why CRM implementations fail and how to avoid those pitfalls?

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The most common failure point for new CRM projects is poor adoption by key stakeholders and end users. Do you know how to ensure that your business units use your CRM consistently?

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Once you have your CRM up and running, do you know how to pull the data you need from the system? What reporting are front-line supervisors and top-level management receiving? How are you benchmarking your performance and measuring your success?

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Insights to Align People and Tech

Our team of experts has experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM, Emfluence, and many other tools that will make your business more efficient, cohesive, and transparent. Pick your focus area to learn more about what your next steps might look like

How to get CRM right in 30 days and avoid failed CRM implementations

I wholeheartedly consider them part of my team, and they are embedded within my organization. They have more domain knowledge than some people within the firm.”

Kenith Threatte, One Digital, Director of Enterprise Applications

The previous reseller did not take the time to understand our business, nor were they willing to adapt the scope of work to meet our users’ needs… Which negatively influenced internal adoption.” “The people at congruentX feel like partners rather than salespeople,” “Their partnership approach and their subscription model really make them stand apart from other companies.

Esther Fournier, U.S.LUMBER, Senior Manager, Company Projects

“They were easy to talk to and brought a commonsense approach to things. I was also surprised they actually solved some problems for us in the first day or two with minimal knowledge of our overly complicated CRM.”

Jason Alexander, Director of Information Systems, West Coast Financial Group