In This Episode Chuck Ingram’s life – talks about his educational background, career background and his hobbies A conversation about how Chuck land into this technology industry Discusses the history of CongruentX Talks about the different model for his business and how these models work Chuck’s market plan for CongruentX What makes CongruentX different from other Consulting companies Chuck’s ideas with the challenges and problems in the market The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek What are the client avatars intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial? Talks about the strategy Outcomes – not Hours, Clients not Projects and People, and not Resources Chuck’s effective solutions to help keep his employees happy and productive and continue work for him Describes his work style How they motivate everyone to focus on the outcomes How Chuck keep up with trust and credibility The importance of staffs and customers in an organization Talks about the kind of culture they have at Congruent X Discussions about their subscription business model How design thinking is used in their business listen to the webcast here