Dynamics 365 for Sales enables users to better understand their consumers’ requirements, conduct streamlined communication with them, and gain more leads. The tool gives companies a comprehensive overview of their potential and existing customers. It empowers sales professionals to effectively manage opportunities and get insights into their sales process so they can enhance performance.
With Dynamics 365 for sales, organizations can make their marketing and sales activities more efficient and productive. Plus, the CRM solution can help to improve customer service, and empower enterprises to maintain and expand relationships with their consumers. Dynamics CRM consulting firms are available to assist companies with effective deployment and use of their chosen CRM application.

Dynamics 365 Sales Modules
Dynamics 365 for sales offers the following modules: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service, Social Engagement, LinkedIn Navigator, Portals, and Marketing Automation.

Optimize Customer Service and Sales
Dynamics 365 for sales gives users a great overview of their sales and marketing processes, as well as their potential and existing customers. It can help to optimize sales procedures, boost customer satisfaction, and improve the bottom line. This software consists of multiple modules and users can select and leverage the ones they need for their sales and business processes. If they require additional functionality, they can easily xpand the platform by including more modules.

Thus, users can customize this application to fit their organization’s sales systems and processes at a speed that matches their firm’s resources and routines.

Social Marketing Feature
Online influencers and social media are all the rage on the internet today. Consumers make their buying decisions based on online reviews and give their feedback on social media. Dynamics 365 Sales has a social marketing tool that sales pros can use to track and analyze social and news stream trends in 20 languages.
Sales and marketing pros can spot opportunities by analyzing why users post on social sites. Thus, sales staff can be proactive and smartly identify tendencies and trends, so they can speedily respond to opportunities.

Supports the Sales Team’s Processes
A good sales tool like Dynamics 365 Sales can help to optimize and support the sales unit’s workflows. Sales pros can use it to make their daily work as well as long-term campaigns more productive.

An organization’s sales process becomes effectively managed and its sales reps can utilize their time and opportunities more efficiently. Dynamics 365 for Sales enables users to segment their prospects and customers, and prioritize them carefully based on a smartly planned strategy.

Overview and Transparency
Sales and other managers can use Dynamics 365 for Sales to get an overview of their organization’s sales activities which are made more transparent. The tool enables them to closely monitor all sales pipelines and customer relationships. This valuable knowledge can be used to analyze and improve the firm’s sales processes.
Management can get detailed insights and a clear view of the general sales pipeline, and they can use this information to make smart data-based decisions.

Thus, Dynamics 365 Sales is a great platform for companies that wish to make their organization’s sales processes more strategic, smart, efficient, and productive.

How CongruentX Can Help
Driving predictable revenue is a core sales function that affects many areas of the business such as hiring, demand planning and cash flow. Sales forecasting at is lowest level is communication and shared expectations. Internally a CRM solution that has great adoption will help facilitate communication. Externally the rep must also have a shared communication plan outlining dates and expectations with their prospect.
CongruentX specializes in CRM adoption and results by focusing on the journey and user experience vs just one time projects. CongruentX also builds low code contextual apps to help with items like close plans and visual forecasting.

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