Customer service is frequently cited as a key brand differentiator. It’s no wonder that 90 percent of more than 5,000 respondents in the Global State of Customer Service report agreed that customer service is important to their choice of and loyalty to a brand. Why? Because positive customer experiences create an emotional attachment to a brand, which builds loyalty and increases retention. Creating a consistently exceptional customer experience is a challenge, regardless of the industry you find yourself in. This is due to dense competition and rapidly evolving innovations and best practices that give customers what they want through more tailored, personalized interactions. The singular way to stand out from the masses and differentiate your brand is found in responsive and well-equipped customer service organizations. Brands that understand the effect customer service has on their longevity are committed to remaining agile when responding to rising customer expectations. These are the brands that will emerge as leaders in the future. Customer service is more than a customer problem solving resource. It’s an ambassador of your brand, your culture, and, most of all, your commitment to your customers. The experiences created by your customer service organization can make or break customer loyalty, and with customer expectations forever increasing, brands must remain attentive. Customers continue to evolve, so understanding their behaviors, preferences, and expectations is vital to sustaining growth. The Global State of Customer Service report helps you keep your finger on the customer pulse. Read More