One of the world’s most popular customer relationship management platforms, Mircosoft Dynamics 365 offers an extensive range of useful features and functionalities, and also happens to be quite user-friendly. However, any company new to the world of CRM will only stand to benefit from availing the services of Dynamics CRM consulting firms like CongruentX. 

The CRM market is saturated with consultants but not every CRM consulting company is going to suit your needs. How to sort out the experts from the amateurs? Keep reading to find out about the five crucial skills expert consulting firms always seem to possess! 

  1. Functional Knowledge 

This one sounds obvious but not quite. It’s understood that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an extremely comprehensive CRM platform. Any efficient CRM consulting company will have complete knowledge of the platform’s features, functionalities, modules and the like. While hiring an external consultant, it is extremely important to find out whether the consultant is well-versed in the functionalities of the platform. A bad choice in this situation will do more harm to your business than good. You need to make sure that your CRM consultant possesses a clear understanding of the platform, its features, integration and data migration functionalities.  

  1. Understanding of Business Requirements  

An ideal Dynamics consultant must have a clear, comprehensive understanding of your specific business requirements. This helps them to incorporate your needs into detailed design specifications and come up with a working solution. They should be able to figure out which features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will suit your business needs. It’s even better if your consultant’s niche spans different industrial sectors.  

  1. Communication Skills 

Yes, knowing Microsoft Dynamics 365 inside-out sounds perfect but what about communication skills? Your chosen consultant might need to address multiple departments about changes in projects or appease a client and this is exactly where the importance of soft skills comes through. Most Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects led by Dynamics CRM consulting firms do not fail due to a lack of adequate knowledge or expertise but rather due to the absence of engaging communicative skills in the consultant. It’s always best to test your consultant’s communication skills before making a final decision.  

  1. Time Management & Multi-tasking 

Any Dynamics consultant is just like a juggler! One day you will find your consultant supporting your company with implementation and development while the next day data migration and third-party integrations might be under the limelight. Multi-tasking is one of the most important skills possessed by a good CRM consultant, and naturally, multi-tasking is only possible with great time management skills. 

  1. Problem-solving Skills 

In addition to a comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and great soft skills, expert Dynamics CRM consulting firms are also good at troubleshooting. From consultation to implementation and maintenance, an efficient consultant will simply follow a project flow to get the job done, collaborating with project stakeholders in the process. It’s very much possible that every CRM consulting company is likely to face problems along the way in terms of delays, risks and mistakes. However, with productive problem-solving skills, encountering such problems will definitely not be problematic for a good CRM consultant. 

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