Services Offered by Top CRM Software Consulting Firms

A proven and reliable CRM software consulting firm can aid organizations to get the best returns from their CRM investment. These companies offer a range of services to guide their client enterprises on how to effectively use the CRM software. Let’s take a look at these CRM consulting services:

CRM Assessment

Most consulting firms will perform a no-cost CRM evaluation to get things started. Their CRM consultants will identify the needed goals to optimize the advantages for the client organization. The experts will meet with the client to assess and review the effectiveness of their existing customer-facing functions and strategies. They will then assist the client to determine the areas that can be improved with a CRM solution like D365 for Sales or others.

CRM Implementation and Consulting

The consulting firm can assist the client in all phases of their CRM deployment. Therefore, organizations need to take care and select the best CRM implementation partner for their needs.
A professional CRM consultancy firm will collaborate closely with the client to create, optimize, and provide the solutions that best meet the requirements of the business and its employees. A quality consultancy company manages proactively and not reactively, saving money and time, so that clients can obtain the highest possible ROI. Typically, a consultancy firm offers CRM implementing and consulting services such as:
• Application development
• Detailed info modeling
• System configuration
• Project management
• System design and planning
• Workflow optimization
• Business process analysis

CRM Training

For successful CRM implementation, in-depth administrator and end-user training is essential. This coaching can help to achieve IT self-reliance and high levels of user satisfaction. CRM consultancy firms have experienced training experts who can offer development, administrative, and end-user training for a range of popular CRM systems. In this way, the consultancy can help the client maximize the potential of their CRM solution.
Top consultancies have full-fledged training facilities with advanced equipment where they conduct custom CRM training courses for their clients and provide hands-on assistance. The training typically covers administrative training, end-user training, and CRM systems training.
Administrative training: The consultancy can provide classroom CRM administrative training at the client’s location. It can thoroughly coach new CRM administrators on the nuances of the software.
End-user training: The consultancy firm can create a training plan for the client’s end-users that offers a customized and comprehensive experience for them. It can also deliver online advanced and refresher courses to ensure the client gets full value from their CRM investment.

CRM Support

A professional CRM consultancy firm can offer personalized, flexible, and responsive CRM support to assist clients to maximize the CRM software’s utility and uptime. Accurate and prompt technical support is important for the client.
The consultancy firm typically will offer flexible and responsive support options via email, phone, real-time remote desktop, web portal, and other channels.

CRM Data Migration

The consultancy can help migrate data from legacy platforms and other databases to the new CRM solution to make it more useful and robust. Typically, there are several types of data in a CRM deployment including ACT, ERP, Outlook, Excel, Word, and others. It can be a complex task to migrate this data to the CRM software and the consultancy firm can aid in the smooth transition of company data to the new CRM system.

CongruentX is a different kind of consulting firm – built to help companies to align their people and technologies using Data, AI, and a New Approach to consulting so that they can drive better customer experience and ultimate business outcomes. Our clients get value from their CRM investments – often leveraging what they already own. We do this by focusing on
· Clients not Projects
· People not Resources
· Outcomes not Just Hours

CX drives client success with a subscription model called a CX Success Subscription vs just project based. This model drives adoption, and ultimately outcomes.


Customer expectations have changed. Digital sales and service tools like CRM can help clients meet those new expectations with a variety of services. A reliable CRM consulting firm with the right mix of traditional and new outcome focused services can help clients drive amazing business results.

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