Customer experience (CX) forms the basis of every successful business. It is the holistic perception of every interaction, across platforms, that a customer has with a business or brand along the entire purchase cycle. This includes every aspect of the business offerings, including customer care ratings, packaging, delivery, product and service features, reliability, ease of use, and other elements related to the touch-points between the customer and business. A good CX makes the customer happy and satisfied with the services received and is a sustainable differentiator in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

With digital transformation and the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ever-evolving expectations of the customers have grown more than ever. For the new age customers, price or product are no longer the reason to opt a brand or business. They are looking for consistent, seamless, and personalized experience across all channels while getting work done from the comfort of their home. In fact, this is an opportunity that the businesses can grab to build loyalty by going above and beyond the customer expectations and deliver great experience. This is where a business should leverage CX services to build customer-centric mindset.

CRM and CX

Today’s tech-savvy customer relates to all things digital, starting with online purchase, digital research, social media feedbacks, to preferring emails over phone calls. Thus, a business needs to make CX a priority and stay proactive to create an exceptional experience for its customers. For this, a business has to anticipate and cater to the customers’ present and future needs by putting itself into the customer’s shoes and walking a purchase mile with them.

Luckily, technology like CRM is available to meet the expectations of customers proactively. By providing a 360-degree view of the customer, the CRM helps a business create highly customized offers based on data and insights obtained from purchase history, interests, demographics, etc.

Here are some of the ways in which CRM helps a business enhance CX.

Ongoing communication: Meaningful and ongoing communication is the key to provide a great customer experience. The CRM acts a customer loyalty enhancement tool as a business can leverage the wide range of customer information and business interactions – such as purchases, past activities, conversations (email, phone, website) – available in the CRM system to keep in touch with the customers.

This data may be used to keep the existing customers informed about the company news, initiatives, offers, and sales campaigns. Customers may also be segmented and targeted with personalized messages appropriate for them.

Social listening and quick response to requests: As customers are actively sharing opinions on social media, customer feedback through surveys and opinion polls on social media integrated to CRM can be used to get better insights of customer expectations. Customers also get immediate responses to their requests via ready-made email templates created in the CRM software.

Offering customers what they really want: The CRM helps a business evaluate proactively the needs and demands of the customer in terms of product or service. The sales team can then target than with relevant options rather than assuming their expectations.

Attentive customer support: The customer service module in the CRM ensures that no inquiry is lost and the customer receives an email with the tracking number, information about the inquiry, helpful FAQs, and self-help resources.

While a CRM can help manage customer relations, it needs proper adoption to provide the best CX. The CRM consulting services can help a business comprehensively and proactively focus on enhancing CX throughout the customer journey, without ignoring any of its aspects.


While the need to drive customer experience has helped make CRM a fast growing technology, the results using dated implementation methods could use improvements.  In fact about 50% of the time – companies are not satisfied with their CRM implementation. 

The good news is CongruentX is a different kind of CRM consulting firm – built to help companies to align their people and technologies using Data, AI, and a New Approach to consulting so that they can drive better customer experience and ultimate business outcomes.  Our clients get value from their CRM investments – often leveraging what they already own.   We do this by focusing on

  • Clients not Projects
  • People not Resources
  • Outcomes not Just Hours

CX drives client success with a subscription model called a CX Success Subscription vs just project based.  This model drives adoption, and ultimately outcomes. 

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