Not getting continuous support from your crm consulting firm?

The Problem

We understood that CRM had a high payback. We heard that for every dollar invested – we could get back over eight dollars back. What we found is CRM adoption can make success is a flip of the coin – 50% on average.

When it comes down to it – My team doesn’t want to “do CRM” – they need to prospect, get ready for meetings, deliver presentations, forecast the business and coach the team.

The CRM consulting services project was too long and we have too many features. We didn’t have good CRM user adoption. Our CRM adoption was poor because the users were overwhelmed with all the features. Later we learned that only about 50% of the CRM features paid for by businesses, are actually used.

The Solution

Instead of doing a big project and then leave – CongruentX focused on the journey – where we onboard, adopt and ultimately achieve business outcomes.

CX jump starts your CRM Adoption and ultimately outcomes journey during onboarding. We do this by starting with just the Essential features. We begin by identifying key business processes the CRM software will support. CX then runs CRM adoption labs that identify digital friction – areas which can impact CRM User adoption.

Non-essential features are assigned to a backlog. After onboarding go live – Our CRM consulting services can then layer in the backlog features over the life of your subscription.

This CRM consulting services approach by CongruentX features essential functionality, low upfront investment and drives CRM adoption throughout the journey.

Low Upfront Investment – Subscription Pricing.

CRM Adoption Solution- CRM maintenance subscription
"We did not know where to start. CongruentX made it easy for us with their CX Optimize offering."

– John S.