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Known Problems

  • We negotiated as many features as possible and the shortest possible timeline. Project was too long and we have too many features to absorb in a short amount of time 
  • Our users quit using the system because they were overwhelmed with features resulting in poor CRM adoption. 
  • Too much information is on our screens Our users need context 
  • Why is the software at home so easy and the brand new software at work looks like it is 20 years old? 
  • Our systems integrator moved on to their next large project.  When we called – we couldn’t get the same people to help us. 
  • It seems like we started from scratch.  Is a way we can start a common set of features?


Jump Start your CRM with the Essential functionality and layer in other features over the life of your subscription.

Because the team has just the right amount of features and not too much to absorb – CRM adoption will be higher

Low Upfront Investment, rapid time to value and with the Subscription afterward – there is plenty of time to make course corrections, adopt and optimize the solution – so that your business achieves the business outcomes it seeks.

Dynamics 365 CRM Enhancement Services - CRM Functionality and Features

CX Sales Essentials

CRM build by Sales for Sales

Customer Management

Manage all your customer and contacts in one simple page.

Dashboard and Reporting

Interactive and real-time simple to understand dashboards and reports.

Always Accessible

Get all the info needed, in the office or on the road on smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Get Insights

CX Sales Essentials utilizes multiple external data resources to give most insight into your customers.

Be Ready and Informed

CX Sales Essentials comes with The ultimate tool utilizing AI to be perfectly prepared for your meetings.

CRM should not be expensive

Our CX Sales Essentials is ready to go and does not require big project investment. 

Opportunities and Forecasting

We build CX Sales Essentials for one important purpose. Make it easy for sales people to that they can focus on their core business.

Simple navigation, simple forms, easy forecasting.

You will be able to create activities like tasks, calls, meetings etc.
Create and work with accounts, contacts, cases and opportunities.

See your goals and forecast in one line of sights with the ability to drag and drop opportunities into the right forecast category.

Analyze Your Customer Data

CX Sales Essentials is utilizing Azure, AI and InsideView to give you 360 degree view of your customers to increase your revenue the fastest possible way,

"Our previous consulting firm was actually ok... but just ok... Every project was stop/ start with different people…” “They did what was on the contract, sent us change orders all the time and we were left to try to get the actual results we wanted.” “We got off track and were going to scrap the whole program...” “Its COMPLETELY different now"

– Susan F.