Microsoft is introducing a new homepage within Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights that deciphers data into a more consumable view. By surfacing key topics discovered and generated by AI, customer service managers can more easily discover issues and monitor progress. Organizations today are often faced with the challenge of information overload that might hinder their path towards improving productivity and customer satisfaction. Specifically, in the customer service space, being able to distill all the customer feedback effectively to identify key issues is crucial. Understanding which issue impacts customer satisfaction, incoming case volume, and resolution time is essential in running a healthy customer service team. Insight cards surface key topics to improve customer service managers’ efficacy As a step towards reducing the cognitive load for customer service managers to analyze data, this landing page segments the topics by key metrics and displays them in an insight card. By identifying key topics, customer service managers are better able to discover issues, make data-based decisions, and monitor the results of those actions. Read more here.