Because of the Covid-19-induced lockdowns and enforced work from home measures, low-code CRM platforms have become popular as they offer many benefits. A lot of companies have started deploying the smart working model which involves job sharing and flexible location and hours. As workforces are distributed widely now, more enterprises are looking to use low-code platforms, including CRM solutions, to boost their efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of a Low-Code CRM Platform
Sales and other teams can gain from a low-code CRM tool in the following ways:

1.Empowers Both Tech and Business Users

A low-code CRM platform can boost business-IT alignment. It enables all users in a company to collaborate to create the best applications. A low-code CRM program facilitates visual development which fulfills the requirements of tech-savvy business users and new developers.

Citizen developers without much technical knowledge can utilize the pre-built features and develop simple applications. Thus, they can easily create what they require in quick time. For complex apps, they can take help from their tech team or low-code solution development partner.


A low-code CRM platform allows users to quickly and easily build apps. In fact, users can develop an effective app in just hours. Plus, low-code tools are agile which permits users to effortlessly adapt processes. They can carry out digital transformation without slowdowns and complexity and deploy solutions at a rapid pace. To further improve the efficiency of their sales, companies can implement Dynamics 365 marketing automation.


Low-code CRM platforms are agile and enable users to easily integrate all types of components in their apps. This empowers organizations to interact with their customers in multiple efficient methods.

4.Improved User Experience

If the user experience is bad, the staff’s motivation, efficiency, and productivity will be impacted. With a good low-code CRM platform, enterprises can enable their business users to control their experience. These tools have intuitive interfaces that make it simple to learn and utilize the solution effectively.

5. Cost

Businesses need to keep their operating costs low to stay profitable. A low-code CRM platform helps here as it facilitates quicker development which reduces the demand and workload of the IT unit. This allows firms to substantially decrease your costs.
To save money, subscribe to a low-code CRM platform. There are good apps in this category that let you innovate from the outside in instead of the old monolithic inside out way. Plus, companies wouldn’t be locked into a specific vendor, and can work interoperability.

6. Compatibility with Multiple Devices

It’s vital for enterprises to be able to run their apps on several devices and a good low-code CRM platform facilitates this.

7. Enhanced Customer Experience

With a low-code CRM tool, users can quickly and flexibly adapt to customer needs and market changes. Plus, they can update and deliver apps quickly. Users need not depend on their IT team for their requirements which saves them the time of waiting in a queue as they can easily build the needed apps on their own.

Why do Businesses Need Low code platforms?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with Microsoft Power Apps was built to address the concern areas of IT agility and app sharing, proliferation of business data, and lack of skilled and experienced developers. Microsoft power platform services allow users to create business apps that can run on tablets, phones, and browsers without any need for complex coding.
Power Apps allows companies to deliver a personalized end user experience for their business requirements. Organizations can tailor the look and feel to fit their brand. Lastly, Power Apps can link with several data sources to deliver an intuitive user experience.  

How CongruentX can help drive Low Code Platform Success 

As Power Platform initiatives grow, CongruentX helps establish an education center and a set of design and governance guidelines to support, nurture, and drive consistency across low-code applications as well as fractional on demand help with architectural and build activities. In one simple subscription!

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