Having a successful customer relationship management platform for your business depends on a holistic approach to CRM adoption which also puts the emphasis on integrating various tools in your CRM software. For instance, choosing to integrate dynamics marketing automation tools with your CRM software enhances your business revenue potential.

Marketing and sales are the two pillars of any business and in a digital world, there are a number of tools for supporting the two pillars of your business. An integrated marketing and sales solution can easily,

  1. save time
  2. Track, score and nurture more leads
  3. maintain prospects
  4. handle customer relationships more efficiently
  5. deliver important messages
  6. analyze ROI

Now that you know why you must consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM marketing automation tools, keep reading to find out about the top 4 tools that will work wonders for your business!

  • ClickDimensions

The only marketing automation solution to be embedded in Dynamics 365 CRM, ClickDimensions does an amazing job of handling email campaigns. Blessed with some enterprise features like forms, lead scoring and duplicate detection, ClickDimensions allows users to create customized marketing calendars, manage events and access site analytics. If you are considering CRM adoption then you must consider these tools as well! On top of that, since ClickDimensions works directly within the Dynamics 365 CRM platform, updates happen in real time, keeping your data in sync always.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Launched by Microsoft in 2018, Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the most useful dynamics marketing automation tools out there. Developed as a complete marketing automation solution, Dynamics 365 marketing boasts features like multi-channel campaigns, events, webinar management, lead tracking, lead scoring (and nurturing), data visualization and the like. Since it’s a part of the Dynamics 365 family, Dynamics 365 Marketing works easily with Dynamics 365 CRM and even with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Power BI and Microsoft Teams.

  • Sugar Market

Formerly known as Salesfusion, Sugar Market provides functionality for creating campaigns, nurturing leads, contact management, access to analytics, social media tools, landing pages and forms – all without the price tag of a bg enterprise solution. Sugar Market offers an unique service whereby the company handles efficient campaign execution as well as reporting while keeping you free and letting you focus on your messaging and strategy. Best suited for mid-market organizations, Sugar Market’s integration is available for both Dynamics 365 CRM on-premise as well as hosted environments.

  • Act-on

Developed as a flexible solution accompanied by multiple pricing tiers as well as support plans, Act-on offers an extensive marketing automation functionalities with the added bonus of having the option to add more advanced features like reporting, business insights, as well as account-based marketing functionality. If you have recently opted for CRM adoption, with Act-on you can nurture your leads, segregate contacts and even run automated campaigns. The best thing about Act-on is that it’s integration to Dynamics 365 CRM is flexible, allowing you to access the data you would like to see in Act-on and how often you would like your two systems to sync.