It’s pretty well known that we have reached a dynamic market from a global point of view, a market where businesses, even small ones have become innovating, responding quickly to trends and customers alike. Dynamics 365 for small businesses have been doing wonders while driving transformations and improving the overall productivity.

Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for your Small Business:

  • Connected Processes – Work smoothly and efficiently with connected processes across all your teams.
  • Business Insights – Quit making business decisions based on incomplete or unreliable data. Instead, reach smarter conclusions with access to on-demand reporting.
  • Customer Service – Instead of struggling with finding out where you are with your individual customers, personalize your service with a 360 degree view of each customer relationship in a single place.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Too Big For Small Businesses?

As a small business owner, it is natural to worry whether Dynamics 365 is too big for your business. This would have been a legitimate concern, a long time ago when you were required to install the system on several servers to make the most of the system. It required a lot of configuration for getting the system to work properly accompanied by all the training that always follows the installation of a big system. Also, just a couple of servers with the required hardware would have cost you a solid $27,000 outlay. However, as any CRM consulting firm will tell you, all of these complications are a thing of the past.

In fact, Microsoft cloud now offers a subscription service to Dynamics 365, making it so affordable for small businesses. One does not need to own the hardware or servers anymore – instead, they can simply host the program in Microsoft’s cloud on a subscription basis. Once you move the cost factor away from the whole deal then Dynamics 365 for small businesses is a must considering all the benefits on top of the lowered costs.

Anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Office 365 like Outlook, Word, or any other Microsoft applications, will find Microsoft Dynamics 365 a little similar, since it uses the same cloud infrastructure as Microsoft Office 365. This practically means small businesses do not need to worry about configuring an unknown system to fit their requirements since Microsoft has already configured the system in a way that works very well for small businesses. Additionally the system has plenty of interactive tools and features which helps the system work more efficiently as well as effectively for users.

A CRM consulting firm will tell you that the best thing about using Dynamics 365 for small businesses is how well the system supports transition into a bigger business. In case a small business converts into a big one over a period of time, the company in question will not have to go through all the hassle, not to mention costs, of changing systems simply because the company invested in the right product from the very beginning. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is absolutely not too big for your small business. It is a cost-effective cloud-based software solution, easy to use and manage for businesses of any size.