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The Challenges

Is your business asking questions your CRM can’t answer?

At home – people interact with strategic technology plan in context. If they need a recipe, they ask Alexa. If they need directions, they ask Google. Pay a bill – use a banking app on your phone. At home – people get context.=

At work – it’s completely different. Instead of context – users get overwhelming content. Driven by big bang projects focused on too many features – Big projects generate old school big forms. This inside out approach delivers one-size fits all monolithic forms that just sit on data without technology integration. CRM that is supposed to help your team become a time and productivity stealer.

Our Solution Get CRM Right in 30 Days

Customers and employees have choices today for their technology roadmap. If your business is asking questions your CRM solution can’t answer – it’s not too late to Get CRM Right for your team. People on your team don’t want to “do CRM”. They want to prospect, get ready for meetings, do follow up, forecast the business, or solve customer issues to name just a few processes. They need CRM to help them get what they need, when they need it, make it easy and make it a net positive.

An overwhelming monolithic CRM solution and is based on inside out design. It’s focused on management and on the IT team. Getting CRM Right is focused on outside in design approach.

Week One: How to do Onboarding correctly

Bring custom IT and business together to solve key constraints via design thinking workshops. Select the scalable network infrastructure solution to your most pressing issues with the highest possible payback

Week Two & Three: Adopt

Engage in development sprints to rapidly design and prototype a low code high value solution with an eye on outcomes

Week Four: Achieve

Train and deploy on only the essential custom IT features to your pilot group for feedback and course corrections. Plan for outcome measurement and realization in the next phase of the journey.

Case Study

One Digital

One Digital

Why OneDigital Health and Benefits outsourced its CRM services to CongruentX. How partnering with a CRM consultant helped the firm to improve user adoption