These days most of the organizations depend on CRM tools for organizing business flows and tracking the orders and revenue.  By implementing CRM solutions, a business not only modernizes its sales processes but also enhances customer experience as it empowers the salespeople by letting them control the opportunities.

That being said, of all the businesses implementing CRM only 40% claim a 90% CRM adoption rate while the rest are struggling to encourage system adoption. Thus, the mere implementation of CRM system is not enough, user adoption of CRM systems is essential to make the best use of their efficiency and productivity. This is where a CRM consulting company can help any business by providing CRM adoption solutions.

Benefits of effective CRM adoption

While data is the essence of every business, it is important to capture, store, and update accurate data and also ensure its quality and integrity. Lack of CRM adoption leads to inadequate and inaccurate data making it seem less valuable and reliable for a business, However, with CRM adoption all the data entry tasks are automated for the salesperson and a lot of manual work is avoided. As the work of the sales team becomes easy, they can save time and stay more focused on their actual task, i.e., increasing sales to reach their goals. Also, the business can access high quality, accurate data that provides powerful business insights. These insights are obtained by running analytics on the data reports to evaluate customer relationships and seek ways to make them more efficient. Even potential customers can be targeted using insights from data, ultimately leading to business success.

Challenges to effective CRM adoption

Lack of user-centricity: In order to influence the purchase decision of key decision-makers, i.e., business leaders and sales managers, the CRM platform features may be focused to meet their requirements of reporting and forecasting. In this process user-focus may be compromised, making it too cumbersome for sales reps to adopt, if it includes features such as manual data entry.

Moreover, with decision-makers trying to spend as little as possible, certain features of the CRM tools that the sales reps need to execute the sales process effectively may be missing, but they may be expected to adopt the tool effectively. This makes them uncertain about using the tool and fall back for traditional methods.

Complex user interface: The basic purpose of a CRM solution is to achieve more consolidated communication and lessen the use of spreadsheets. An interface that is not easy to use may be the reason for resistance to CRM adoption.

Lack of practical training: Users need to know the benefits of the CRM to increase adoption. No one-size-fits-all training content can account for the customizations made during implementation for any particular business. So, the users need on-the-go, contextual training to help them navigate through the CRM interface which makes it easy and convenient for them to adopt it.

A CRM consulting company helps a business build a strong adoption strategy from the very beginning and keep it in focus throughout the CRM lifetime.

CongruentX – has a full methodology built around onboarding just the right features – we call “CXEssentials”, layering in other features aligned with your business processes over time along with course corrections to drive outcomes.  Central to that is a digital adoption tool kit.   

CongruentX partners with Pendo for part of its digital adoption toolkit.  Pendo gets new users up and running with tailored application walkthroughs and contextual in app help.  Pendo also guides users though changes, new features and processes – all in the CRM application.  Pendo also allows us to monitor adoption, effectiveness, identify friction points and track the impact of CRM investments. 

To learn more how to help accelerate your CRM adoption please visit – 

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