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Dynamics 365 marketing automation is the foundation for business ventures and companies to find their way out of the traditional manual process of marketing and enter a digitally transformed market. Marketing processes can be both manual and digital, the manual process is incommodious and time consuming it not only over-burdens and stresses out the team, the slow and heavy process is more than often frustrating. The manual process is inefficient and happens to be filled with errors more often than not. The digital age thus seeks Dynamics Marketing Automation to be incorporated.




Dynamics Marketing Automation enables the incorporation of digital marketing strategies in the businesses by avoiding the hassles of the manual marketing process. The customer database that it creates provides information in order to form the marketing insights. It enables businesses to incorporate personalised digital marketing campaigns. Thus, Dynamics Marketing Automation tools have been created to drive the marketing process to newer heights.




Lead Generation and Management

Dynamics Marketing Automation Tool empowers businesses to generate and capture leads efficiently. It offers robust lead management capabilities, allowing you to track leads, score them based on predefined criteria, and nurture them through personalized campaigns. With comprehensive lead insights, you can prioritize efforts and focus on the most promising prospects.


Campaign Management

Creating, executing, and monitoring marketing campaigns becomes a breeze with Dynamics Marketing Automation. The tool provides a centralized dashboard to manage campaigns across various channels, including email, social media, and events. From planning and scheduling to tracking and reporting, it offers a seamless end-to-end campaign management experience.


Personalization and Customer Engagement


Tailoring your marketing messages to individual customers is crucial for driving engagement and building strong relationships. Dynamics Marketing Automation Tool enables advanced personalization by leveraging customer data and behavior. You can deliver personalized content, recommendations, and offers, increasing the chances of conversions and customer satisfaction.


Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing remains a cornerstone of effective marketing strategies, and Dynamics Marketing Automation Tool takes it to the next level. With powerful email automation capabilities, you can design and deliver targeted email campaigns, automate follow-ups based on customer actions, and analyze email performance with insightful metrics.


Analytics and Reporting


To optimize your marketing efforts, you need to measure the impact of your campaigns and derive actionable insights. Dynamics Marketing Automation Tool equips you with comprehensive analytics and reporting features. From campaign performance metrics to lead conversion rates, you can analyze data to refine your strategies and drive continuous improvement




Marketing automation is incorporated in the processes by the inclusion of tools in the strategies. The integration of dynamic marketing automation tools with the businesses CRM software can boost the potential of the venture by increasing both the revenue and the profit of the company. This forms an integrated sales and marketing platform. This integrated solution not only helps save time and labour, but also ensures the collection of higher volumes of leads and maintains proper relations with the customer with lesser effort than before.


To help companies with their marketing needs the top six marketing automation tools that will help achieve optimal results when integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM are:


  • Click Dimensions
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Sugar Market
  • Act-On
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo


Click Dimensions: This is the only marketing automation tool that is integrated in the Dynamics 365 CRM and is also the most recommended one. It is an extensive mid-market tool that is embedded in the CRM software. Its USP is its very precise automated email campaigns. The other impressive enterprise features that it has are forms, lead scoring and duplicate detection. Along with the aforementioned features Click Dimensions also has additional features like users access to site analytics, event management and a crafting option for customised calendar for marketing. Since, this is an embedded product it ensures that the work done in it is in real time and is always in sync with the software.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: It was launched by Microsoft in the year 2018, Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation tool is an automation solution which possesses multifarious features like multi-channel campaigns, event management, webinar management, collection and tracking of leads, lead scoring and visualisation of data. It focuses on the building and customisation of interactive work programs. It specialises in the customer relation by implementing the customized and personalised experience format.


Sugar Market: It is a mid-market tool and was formerly known as Salesfusion. It offers functionality for campaign creation, nurturing of leads, formation of landing pages and forms, offers social media tools and contact analytics without the excess price of being a part of an enterprise. This solution offers a concierge service where the company handles campaign work on behalf of the client and leaves the client free to focus on the marketing strategy. It can sync with the Dynamics 365 CRM and all the data itself is housed inside the CRM software.


Act-On: It is a client budget friendly marketing automation tool, it is flexible for the clients. It offers multiple pricing tiers and also supports plans which helps the customer to select the package that suits their budget. The base of the automation tool is that it has extensive marketing automation features which can be made into more advanced forms by adding on features like lead reporting, insights and accounts marketing facility.


Hubspot: It is an enterprise form of dynamic marketing automation, it works well for companies who opt for wide ranges of marketing requirements as hubspot seamlessly scales the requirements up or down. It ensures the basic form of the solution and promotes the addition of features according to the needs of the business.


Marketo: It is also an enterprise level dynamics marketing automation tool. It offers features such as forms, scoring of leads, duplicate detection of clientele and companies, generation of social media leads etc. It is fast in synchronising with the CRM software and results in quicker data sync as well.

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