Before delving into the reasons behind choosing Dynamics 365 for small businesses, let’s discuss a little about this cloud-based system first!

Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Overview

A cloud-based system designed to address both customer relationship management(CRM) as well as enterprise resource planning(ERP) needs of businesses, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has plenty of other applications and functionalities that help many businesses improve sales, customer support experience and even makes life easier for employees.

A successful CRM consulting firm will gladly tell you that Microsoft Dynamics 365 promises,

  1. Productivity that’s effective
  2. One-stop platform for all business applications
  3. Flexibility that’s constant
  4. Better relationship management with clients

Microsoft Dynamics 365 : An Ideal Choice for Small Businesses?

As a small business in the market, are you looking for something that has a guaranteed great user experience, scalability, features that can be customized and most importantly affordability? Well, Dynamics 365 for small businesses has proved to be an effective option.

Here’s why!

  • Business Insights

One of the best things about choosing Dynamics 365 for small businesses is it’s useful ability of gathering information from a variety of sources and putting them together, delivering crucial business insights in the process. This platform takes comparatively less time to collect and analyze data, and even lesser time to send across the insights to the different teams.

  • Scalability

Another benefit of opting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its ability to help you grow with the top trends in the market. A scalable platform, Dynamics 365 incorporates strong customer relationship management processes as well as better sales. Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings a healthy dose of innovation and security to your business.

  • In-house Connectivity for Teams

Any good CRM consulting firm will advise you to opt for Dynamics 365 because it also happens to be the perfect combination of both CRM and ERP, making connectivity super convenient between your different departments. Not only does this make coordination easier for everyone in decision-making roles but also anyone can access the collected date anytime.

  • Broader Support for Business

As discussed above, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables every one from different teams in your business to access the collected data, anytime. Apart from that, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a great feature known as field services which lets you schedule your daily meetings which is also extremely convenient and translates into a broader support for your business. 

  • Easy Integration

This is one of our favourite features of Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can easily integrate with Microsoft products,even the Office 365 suite. This integration in turn makes communication simple between various platforms. Employees can easily shift from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communication. This feature is also helpful for its simple data transferring abilities.

There might be several alternatives available in the market but these incredible features are reasons behind selecting Dynamics 365 for small businesses. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been designed with tools, features and functionalities that are capable of fulfilling business goals and is considered to be the best CRM alternative for small businesses.

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