Over 8 Dollars back for Every Dollar Invested? 

What if you knew you could put a dollar into your business and get back over 8 dollars back? And keep doing it? You can.  

CRM delivers back $8.71 for every dollar invested when its done right.  

On the other hand – industry experts tell is that about half the time companies aren’t happy with it.  

What gives? If my CRM is not right – I’m doomed?  

Absolutely not. With power apps and the right approach – you can get CRM right in 30 days – without a big IT project. 

While classic, fully-formed, mature CRM products like Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which have a huge, standard set of features are still available, Dynamics 365 Power Apps have been trending for businesses, especially the small and medium businesses, over the past few years now. 

The requirements of every business differ and the features which may be relevant to one business may be totally irrelevant to another one. So, after spending on purchasing an expensive CRM product, you may realize that you needed only about 30% of its standard features and there is a need to customize/ create new features as per your business needs. This leads to overspending both time and money in an inefficient and ineffective manner. 

CRM Power Apps 

It is here that the introduction of CRM power apps allows your business to use the cloud platform for rapidly creating customized, less expensive applications without the need to code.   These power apps are easy to build and can create less digital friction for your team so they can do more. 

Power apps is a cloud-based application delivery and management platform that helps businesses (regardless of their size) that need to record, store, and use data somewhere. It is secure, scalable, and cost-effective.  

While you don’t need to start from scratch as the platform has already set standard entities for businesses, contacts, and activities, you can choose apps that are designed specifically for a very defined set of requirements and functional areas. 

Intuitive Design 

User adoption is not an issue with CRM power apps as very targeted power apps are built for your business. The users are familiar with everything they see on the app and so have an intuitive experience.  

Lower Costs 

The time and money spent in building yesteryear apps for businesses are extensively reduced based on the requirements. The price is just proportional to the features and functionalities you need in your business application. As you are not paying for the features and functionality that you will never be using, the costs are automatically lowered. 

Quick Initiation of Processes 

As CRM power apps, like the Dynamics 365 power apps, are flexible, it is realistic to build something basic and import the first set of key data in just a few days so that you have a minimal viable starting point. Later, over a period of time, you can work with a partner to develop a system that delivers your business requirements as you visualize. 

User-defined Automation of Processes 

Power apps automate user-defined workflows by capturing business processes and using business activities. This helps streamline the operations of the business and makes life easier for the users. 

Powerful and Easy-to-use Data Storage Technology 

Power Apps use the existing infrastructure of an enterprise so that the business can regain control over its data storage and management. It provides the ability to deliver improved, faster, and more consistent services to users as compared to the costly, confusing and difficult to manage data storage systems of the past. 

Getting CRM Right in 30 Days with Power Apps 


If your business is trying to achieve consistent data collection and you are looking for a more effective means of processing information, CRM Power Apps may be the answer for you.  

Dynamics 365 power apps have certainly changed and quickened how business applications are created and reduced the time to figure an answer from weeks or months to minutes. This can help your business grow in leaps and bounds.