Why a New Kind of CRM Offerings are Important?

As an IT pro or a business leader who is about to engage in a CRM project – Imagine walking into a conference room 20 years ago. The team thinks that customer experience is important and is thinking about CRM services.

Imagine showing that team a modern iPhone. The team would be mesmerized. CRM technology was quite basic back then too

Fast forward 20 years. A similar team is also about to start a crm project. The CRM technology has advanced at the same pace as the iphone. Unfortunately, the CRM project approach is likely very much the same. Short timelines drive too many features in spite of what CRM advisory services might say.

Success is a flip of the coin according to top analysts – literally 50% on average.

Expecting a different result while doing the same thing – just doesn’t work. Its time to modernize CRM consulting services and CRM enhancement services.


We (Clients and us) sit as a team together band discuss what we want to achieve before we start with the project.


Jump Start your CRM Journey with the Essential functionality that your team can actually use. We focus on key moments in your teams CX journey and look for digital friction. After we are sure the team will be happy with CRM adoption – We layer in CRM enhancements in set periodic sprints – all based on your CRM goals.


CRM managed services but better. Create technical CRM support cases, create inquiries and get help when you need it from the congruentX customer experience team.


Ongoing CRM Enhancements are delivered via workshops and sprints – Built around your defined CRM goals developed by CRM advisory and CRM change management to drive help keep you measurably on course.


Strategic CRM advisory services, CX services solutions to help you get the business outcomes you planned for.