How to Get Started with congruentX

Where are you in your Journey?

We Need to Get Back on Track…

“We are losing credibility with our business. We Implemented CRM a year ago. It was a big project. Our users are overwhelmed. The Implementation consultants are gone. Our business is frustrated that CRM is not helping. It’s Time for us to (Finally) Get CRM Right.”

How to Get CRM right in 30-days – Without a Big IT Project.

Take the 30-Day Get CRM Right Challenge. Getting CRM Right In 30 Days is a Structured 30 Day challenge featuring Design Thinking, High Engagement, Hands-on Experience with Low Code Apps, Rapid Sprints, and a planned path to measurable outcomes.

Focused on Initiatives with 10x or more ROI – Guaranteed… Starting $49,000 and focused on 10X ROI

We Need a Fresh Start… Big Projects Can Lead to Big Problems.

Start CRM Right

Deploy and Train on just the right features to drive high impact with your customers and your team as well as faster ROI.

Starting at $49,000 and focused on 10X ROI

We Need CRM Adoption and Business Outcomes

CX Pulse Subscription

CX Subscriptions are a new way to scale your IT team while generating high adoption, expansion, and ultimately business outcomes.

Did you know CRM can Help Generate Outcomes like –

• $8.71 for every dollar spent (Nucleus Research).
•Increases sales (by up to 29%),
• Improves productivity (by up to 34%)
• Boost Forecast Accuracy (by up to 40%)
• Customer Retention (by up to 27%)

CX Pulse Subscription offers Monitoring, Training, Unlimited Support, and Ongoing Enhancements. Managed Network Infrastructure. All aligned to your business outcomes.

Starting at $3,500 per month focused on 10x ROI

How to get CRM right in 30 days and avoid failed CRM implementations