CXAchieve - intelligent advisory service in complete CRM project

The Problem

9 out of 10 businesses believe getting closer to their customers is currently their top competitive priority.

Companies are buying customer facing technologies like CRM at an insane pace. CRM is now a 50 billion dollar industry.

Unfortunately CRM success is elusive with an average of 50% of customers satisfied with the outcomes from their CRM investments.  Where else is 50% success ok? Commute to work? Medical procedures? Airplane landings?

The reason is often not the technology – it’s the 20 year old fire and forget “project” implementation methodology of the technology integrators. An airplane has a clear objective and while its scientifically off course 98% of the time – it arrives safely.  It arrives safely because it is constantly making course improvements based on weather, wind and other variables. Is your CRM program “Fire and Forget”?

Our Solution

CXAchieve by congruentX is an intelligent advisory service that aligns your customer technology journey, monitors progress and uses benchmarks guided by AI and expertise to course correct during the entire journey – not just during the “project”.

CRM Consulting Solution by CongruentX
CRM Adoption Services by Congruentx


The goals of a CRM project are often not well defined or unrealistically defined and rarely measured after “go-live”.

CXAchieve leverages over 40 benchmarks across Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with industry specific variables.

CXAchieve monitors those objectives and results against benchmarks through the entire journey.

Your dedicated CX Success Manager reviews those results, your team’s feedback and the solution’s suggestions during every Quarterly workshop. We work with your team to direct the CX Success Sprints to continue to drive activities that achieve measurable results.


“CongruentX was able to define initiatives that had measurable value which paid for themselves and future initiatives.”

“I don’t know where we would be right now if we didn’t work with CX to move us to the cloud.”

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